Our Legendary Startup Journey

We at Society.io are the perfect example of global entrepreneurship, and what you need to make a successful startup work. This is due to the journey through which our team has traveled to get to this point which consisted of ups, downs, events, pitch competition prep, and pitch competitions. Other obstacles on this legendary journey to making a mark in the world, and helping people own everything that they do via our decentralized cryptocurrency based blockchain platform. Includes bootstrapping the costs since the jump, working full time on the startup while also working on the side, and remaining solidified throughout attendance of Draper University in the California Silicon Valley.

We at The Society are proud to say we have remained an unstoppable force trying to awaken the world from a centralized app using society, into the current reality in which we can provide these same users equity from their app usage. The journey of entrepreneurialism has not always been nice which is ok, but it has always helped that for us at The Society to embody peace and spread nothing but love at all times with everyone both at work and in the field. It is not only time for us to get payed for all of our data/data usage, but also for us as entrepreneurs to ensure generational wealth is established via the latest technology to be forever accessible for our generations to come.

To any and every entrepreneur we have one thing to say, embody love and abundance in everything to remain positive. This together with your inner strength will not only ensure your prosperity, but also it will invite more opportunities for longevity. No matter what wall presents itself, we at The Society will continue to break through and pay our dues so we can change the world for the better, like startups and legends before us. It is important for everyone on earth to not just know how to completely own their data, but also to know exactly what they can do with it as equity since it is the new asset class.

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