Everyday is the @ChanceTheRapper To Be The Change by Richard Mendez

In a recent interview of Tim Ferriss done by CNN, he can be quoted speaking about the Silicon Valley and saying that “if you’re looking for intellectual stimulation and high powered ambition, it has that.”

He also goes on to say that “But having no professional need to be there, creates a fatigued feeling of suffocating smugness that is prevalent in the Silicon Valley.” He goes on to give examples of this and explains how it can be unhealthy “like some, not all people pitching startups at wrong times, full of sense of entitlement due to a sense of drunkness on again some, not all of the pitchers own press/success peak vibes. This can be perceived as unappealing, since it shows they have not thought out long term plans.”

We at The Society find interviews like these inspirational since we are in the business of spreading the good word from any place anytime via our blockchain livestream platform especially designed for these amazing pitch moments.

We also believe interviews like these say a lot about a demand for entrepreneurs, however it does not mean it’s necessary to be specifically in one region of the world anymore. We at The Society see a bright future in our development just like many other tech giants however, due to problems that come along like gentrification which have been occurring undeniably throughout startup affected regions like the Bay Area. We now know and interviews like these, remind us that it is the perfect time to go livestream/blockchain.

Full interview Link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=201&v=Vkawh2kiAYQ

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