Foot-in-Mouthbook Facebook has lost the plot by M.G. Siegle

     The past year of Facebook consists of numerous headlines related to the latest Facebook faux pas. We at The Society found this article by M.G. Siegle interesting and agree when he describes these Facebook moments as “At best, the mistakes are eye-roll-inducing. At worst, they’re jaw-droppingly awful. And there are plenty in between which are just some combination of boneheaded, cringe-worthy, tactless, or tasteless. To make matters worse, Facebook clearly has a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease. Whenever they try to respond to a situation, they just exacerbate the issue.” According to the article what separates Facebook from other companies is the extraordinary times in which we live and how foreign governments learned how to manipulate social networks like Facebook to drive political instability and it working. Although it can be seen as a rut Facebook seems to be in, if seen further it seems even more like a lot of self-inflicted wounds.

     Wounds that are to be honest due to company choices stemming from product and policy standpoint as well as reaction decision making to issues when they arise. Just like on Friday night it seemed like Facebook was doing the right thing it turns out no and Facebook was simply reacting quickly because publications were about to run stories about the pilfering of data from their network for mass political profiling and Facebook was apparently threatening said publications if they ran said stories.

     According to the writer “If you review the headlines since the beginning of the year Mark Zuckerberg devoting the year to fixing Facebook (shouldn’t that always be his job?), Facebook running surveys for which news outlets to trust (what could go wrong crowd-sourcing this?), Messenger Kids (this one didn’t take long to backfire)! Re-engagement mass spam (the thirst is real), Facebook’s friendly pollster (who quit after 6 months), Spyware (like, actual spyware)! Two years of political indecisiveness and cluelessness (and a human punching bag cover story), Teeing up Trump retweet-bait (on Twitter, no less), Mass shootings, the VR game we’ve all been waiting for (Jesus Christ), Back on Twitter wading into things one probably shouldn’t (as you can see in the comments), Potentially cool facial recognition feature sounds incredibly creepy all of a sudden (timing matters), Survey says: maybe don’t send a survey asking people how they feel about adults asking kids for sexually explicit images (why do you need to ask about this?!), Sorry for the child abuse recs (Jesus Christ), And finally, today’s Cambridge Analytica shitshow (and more Twitter fun). These are just some amongst all from the the past three months.

     It is both funny and eye opening how the writer states “My current running gag on Twitter is that there must be a tech press mole planted inside Facebook who is causing the company to do such things. Because nothing else makes sense. You just can’t have this many screw-ups.” While it may be true that all companies have missteps, the speed and the scope at which mistakes happen for Facebook seem out of ordinary. We at The Society agree with the writer’s final point of “Facebook doesn’t just have an image problem, as I’m sure many around the company would want you to believe — “the press is out to get us!” Facebook has a self-awareness problem”. This is because as Facebook has indeed lost the plot and given their scale, this means there is a storm brewing in how it seems as if the company is slipping further and further.  

We recommend reading the full article available Here